New addition to my family!

Welcome to the world Marshall! On Wednesday, Feb 6th at 10:22 my newest son was born into this world. It was very exciting since we chose not to find out the gender of the child and wait for his exciting arrival!

As part of a quick overview of the story, my wife's water "broke" around 1:50 pm, I headed home from work early to take care of her and the kids. We decided to hold out a bit before we headed to the hospital to make sure that everything we needed was packed and that her contractions would start up. 

By the time we had gotten to the hospital, the contractions were starting to die down. :-( After checking in and getting settled, we were sent on an hour walk up and down the hallway. It wasn't enough. 

On our second walk up and down the hallway, my wife suggested that I go grab some food (In-and-Out was the closest thing that sounded good) and I returned shortly to find her contractions picking up. And it all just sped up from there. 

I'm not a baby photographer, nor do I plan to be. I just thought I'd include a couple shots from the last few days showing my new little boy, my kids adjusting to him, and how tired we all have become. It is so very worth it though! Thank you all for the good wishes. Everything is going great! The last photo was taken today. :-D 

- Tyler