Photography: An Art, Not a Science

I'd like to start off with a small rant. PHOTOGRAPHY IS ART PEOPLE! Yeah there are things that can be done to make a shot come out better. There are some things that make things more appealing, more desireable more........FUN! What it really comes down to is this............. Do you like the picture? If so, Ta da! It works for you. 

For those of use who shoot for clients, you do have to cater to those people. Of course! That is what they pay you for right? I mean seriously, I have the hardest time taking pictures of myself. I don't like to really. For that very reason we pay someone else to do our dirty work.

This really all stems down to this email I received from an ad I posted on the internet. I will quote it here for you.

"Yet another guy with a camera that thinks they can moonlight as a photographer without the proper education and real world experience. I hope you feel great about ruining peoples once in a life time events with badly exposed, badly lit, awfully composed images that were taken with some cheap camera. You are not a photographer, you are a camera owner."

What this person fails to understand, is that ALL people with a camera can be photographers. The way the economy works, bad pictures don't sell and good pictures do. Granted, not everyone with a camera can sell their pictures..........but not everyone with scissors can cut hair either. Yet I've had very good haircuts from people who have not had schooling for it. Plumbing by non-plumbers, and electrical work by non-electricians. If you do it and do it well, then do it! 

(Granted, some of these things require licensing in the state to be qualified, photography is not one of those things.)

* I will not state the name of the business who send this, because that would just be unprofessional. 

I've finished pictures for a LDS Missionary and will get those up soon. Here is one for the mean time. :-D