As I've been getting back into the photography groove I've been doing a few missionary photos. Here is Nicole, not only has she received her call but she is already out serving as I write this. 

She was so happy to be serving and it was great to see her upbeat attitude! 

Best to you Nicole! 




Palmer Family

Special thanks to the Palmer family! 

As I'm currently working on my MBA at the University of Utah, I've not had a large amount of extra time to take photos. This family has always been willing to stand in as subjects when I ask! I've also been taking the time to help Heather (pictured below) work to improve her own photography skills. This ended up being more of a family photo trade and it turned out great. Thanks again for your help! 

The time has now come for me to find my way back into the photography world! I hope to get a few more posts up here over the next few weeks. I'll be looking to do portrait sessions as well as some more weddings over the next few months, but for now, enjoy the photos!




Happy 80th!

My wife's grandfather turns 80 today. Now that I'm going to be getting back into posting, I thought I'd start off with this!

Happy Birthday Grandpa! 

I was able to grab a couple of these photos for them from our last get together. I'm sure they look just as great now as they do here. Sorry we are not able to make it to the party. 


Tyler & Family