Chantry & Anna

So, I've been a bit lax. My life continues to be crazy. Holidays set me back a bit together with a couple deaths in the family, starting a new day job, moving to a new city, and to top it all off, going back to school. My life continues to toss and turn as I make my way along. I'm grateful to have such great people with me. My wife is beautiful and supportive and is starting to learn more about photography. It is great! 

Here is a bit about my plans for the future. 

1. I still plan to do some weddings this year, although with my new MBA en devour, I do not think I will take on as many. Please, feel free to still contact me though if you are interested. If it isn't going to work I have a very long list of people who can help you! 

2. My turn over time will increase. I will be doing this in my spare time and since I have less of it, it will take me a bit longer to get back. I expect to give the same level of quality and service and for that I must increase my turn over time. 

For now, here are some engagements and formals from my wife's brother's events at the end of last year. Hope you enjoy and thank you all for your support!


Annik & Alex

Here is another great couple, they have been so great to work with. Best part? The bride is sisters with the Pollyana from the previous post. Can it get better? YES! We did their bridals together and had an excellent time!

Unfortunately for you, you'll have to wait until after they are married. Dresses are a secret boys! Keep an eye out for them, they are both getting married this month! 



Pollyana & Connor

Only one week left till these two are married! I know they are super excited. Here are a few from their engagements! We we actually able to shoot these two sisters at the same time, but those will wait till another post as we get closer to their wedding day!